Whoop Whoop

Whoop Whoop


MattyV was still out of commission from his accident, so the gang couldn’t get together. Much love to Matty as he recuperates, good thoughts and vibes are with him. He may be down, but he’s never out…


Wheez is rockin’ the mic again this week talking all about the horrorcore-rap group, Insane Clown Posse. An interesting cultural phenomenon that got its start in good ol’ Detroit, Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope have rapped about everything from the ghetto to the Gulf War to cannibalism & murder. They have what some consider to be a cult following, their fans – “The Juggalos & Juggalettes” – are considered by the FBI to be a hybrid gang.

With chants of, “Whoop Whoop” and “Fam-A-Ly”, the fans have found a common bond and cameraderie with each other. There have been several documentaries produced, both official and unofficial, that give the viewer a glimpse into the phenomenon.

Insane Clown Posse’s American Psycho Tour” is a documentary following ICP and other musical acts on their 2011 cross-country tour. This documentary touts to have the arrest of Twiztid’s Madrox & Blaze Ya Dead Homie in Florida for drug possession.

Insane Clown Posse: Six Jokerz Unauthorized” is of course a documentary that is in no way endorse by the band. It is a collection of interviews with various club owners that gave ICP a chance in the early days of their careers as well as a little history into how the band came about. The only gem is an interview with ICP where they talk about the trouble with Disney (at one time they had a record contract with a Disney-owned label). Low quality documentary with absolutely no live performances or music from ICP.

American Juggalo” is an independent documentary revolving around the fans (The Juggalos & Juggalettes) at the 2011 “Gathering of the Juggalos” that occurs each year. It is interesting to see the various fans from the dope smokers to the “straight-edge” ones and how they all come together for a week each year to spend time as a “family”.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling – Oddball Brawl” is a 3-hour video of you guessed it, ICP in the wrestling ring. They have been involved with the WCW and other factions of the wrestling world, but ultimately created their own to capitalize on.

Big Money Rustlas” is the second film by ICP (the first being “Big Money Hustlas“) with a foray into the old west. Many b-list celebrities are on deck including Jason Mewes, Todd Bridges, Ron Jeremy, & even porn star Bridget the Midget. What was supposed to be a slapstick “Blazing Saddles”-type movie falls flat with a ton of swearing and bad jokes…


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