Rant On, Rant Off


Rant On, Rant Off


This week Jenn the Intern was able to make it into the studio with MattyV for the first time in weeks. MattyV is still dealing with complications from the car accident and is currently unable to drive or really do anything. Keep sending your positive thoughts/prayers/vibrations his way, he could really use it.


He rants on about everything surrounding the accident, something he just needed to get off his chest. And then they get into other things:

It has been confirmed that “Wolverine 3” is going to be r-rated. Possibly on the heels of success of “Deadpool”, it will be nice to see Wolvie really getting to his dark roots…

As with all Marvel movies, you NEED to stay until the very end to get special clips or “heads up” as far as what to expect next in the MCU. “Antman” had a great one, “Deadpool” was another favorite.

Suicide Squad” is having some scenes re-shot to make it more “fun”. This comes after the dismal box office performance of “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

The official trailer for “Yoga Hosers” came out last week, the 2nd in Kevin Smith’s “Northern Trilogy”. It looks pretty good so far…

Matty is currently obsessed with “Welcome to Night Vale“, a quirky podcast that is kind of a mix between “Twin Peaks” and “A Prairie Home Companion”. The pods are only 30 minutes each, give it a chance – you might like it.

On Nerdist.com, Chris Hardwick is giving away the television version of his standup comedy special, “Funcomfortable” as a treat to his listeners. Be aware that this is the “uncensored” television version so expect some foul language.

All this month on “Sunday Cinema” we are celebrating MattyV’s birthday with episodes of “Commander USA’s Groovy Movies”. If you are a child of the 1980’s, you’ll remember the dear Commander…

Yes, Kelly Ripa was on “Dance Party USA” as seen in this clip. Also in this clip you will see the “Prince girl” MattyV was talking about with the tear drop sitting on her cheek and the lace that Prince was making fashionable at the time…


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Until next week Junkies



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