Some political parties in Spain are proposing changing their timezone back to pre-WWII GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and eliminating the need for long lunch hours & siestas in the late afternoon. Originally Spain & some other countries switched their timezone to match that of the Nazi Reich to maximize factory productivity & allow people to get home in time for blackouts.

New York City is proposing to restrict Times Square characters due to complaints and some trouble. From pestering people for tips, altercations over tips, sexual assaults, people are no longer comfortable being in the iconic square…

Here’s an article relating the top 22 countries that “love” marijuana. The US is #2 on the list, you’ll be surprised at who #1 is…

Don’t ever mess with payday loan places. First there is the INSANE INTEREST RATES, but now a new threat – overdraft fees. If a payday loan firm gets an NSF from a bank account, they will continue to make several requests the same day for smaller amounts until they some of the payment. This means a $34 fee per overdraft for the account holder. Bastards…

His art could kill you. Damien Hirst’s preserved artwork is expelling formaldehyde at ten times the safe limit. And he was told in 1991 about the dangers of working with formaldehyde, his response was that it was a part of the art – that it could kill.

Amazing find from the ocean floor, a salvage team found a 400 year old silk dress in almost-pristine condition lying on the bottom of the Wadden Sea.

China is on high alert for “handsome foreigners” trying to steal secrets. They have developed a series of posters warning women to be careful around such scoundrels…

Idiot Alert – don’t be stupid and risk going to jail for stealing soda like this guy. He and a couple of friends ordered waters in the drive-thru and proceeded to enter the restaurant, filling the water cups with soda.

I agree with many of these entries, but Caitlin Jenner? Really?

Utah is so ass-backwards. A “brew-vie” theater is being threatened with losing their liquor license for showing the film, “Deadpool” because it violates the state’s obscenity laws.

I agree that some of these models need to come back, especially the Bronco & Wagoneer…

I’ve had a couple of these this week, 38 brave souls share their worst “f*ck my life” situations…


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