Sunday Cinema – “Dorm of the Dead”



There have been at least 2 movies chained with the moniker, “Dorm of the Dead”, one released in 2007 and this one released in 2012. Both were straight-to-DVD releases, one had higher production values than the other. One had a star with a bit part in a major motion picture, and this one was it (one of the actors played a “chase teen” in the 2014 version of “Annie”).

The basic premise is a college slacker returns from Spring Break(!) and finds his younger brother has come to visit him for the week. Between avoiding classes and his brother, a zombie outbreak occurs on campus and finds our zero having to turn into a hero by becoming a leader of a ragtag bunch of survivors. Low production values, bad acting, poor special effects, it seems as though it is a school film project waiting for a grade…


Someone posted this online, don’t blame them (or us) for the 86 minutes of your life you’ll lose watching it…




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