Where to Stick It

Where to Stick It


MattyV is right, according to Wikipedia – Zima is still made and marketed in Japan. No worries, you can check out this recipe to make your own home version!

The term “organic” seems to be the popular buzzword as of late. Many industries have regulations to determine what “organic” is, but one that doesn’t is marijuana. One man is trying to change that…

Delivery drivers share their worst delivery stories. Really, masturbating in the front window?

Oops. Reebok had a surprise for the 30th anniversary of “Aliens” in time for “Alien Day” (April 26th), replicas of the shoes worn by Sigourney Weaver in the movie. Trouble is, the shoes were only available in men’s sizes. Major mess up…

The world’s smallest cellphone is not surprisingly popular with prison inmates. The phone is about as small as a pack of gum, so it will easily fit into a certain orifice…

More and more Millenials are staying home with their parents until their 30’s. Geez, I couldn’t wait to leave home when I was in my late teens…

Wanting to change their unique physicality, teen labiaplasty is on the rise. Is this vanity?

Getting more and more messed up, the founder of the group that find the Duggars among their congregation is planning a retreat to help members marry off their TEEN DAUGHTERS! And they mean teen as in thirteen and up…

Carp Herpes? The Australian government is planning to release a strain of herpes that will only infect the European Carp, a dangerous blight to their aquatic ecosystems. The program will cost upwards of $15 million, with most of the cost going to cleaning up the dead fish.

A house built out of spite? In Portland, OR you can purchase a wedge-shaped home for the paltry sum of $519,000. Rumor is that the home was built because of a divorce, the husband was awarded the home and the wife awarded a small sliver of the front yard…

A battle over dried shrimp? The heir to the Sea Monkeys legacy is living in poverty while she battles over the trademark & copyright of the beloved teaching toy…



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