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Kinda Like It, But Not Really


Kinda Like It, But Not Really


Led Zeppelin was recently cleared of plagiarism when the family of one of the members of the rock group Spirit claimed the melody from “Stairway to Heaven” is the same melody as heard in the song “Taurus“. John Fogerty met with a similar case when he was sued because he oddly sounded like himself.

Why invite foul-mouthed musical artists to your island paradise? To line the pockets of the local constabulary of course! Fifty Cent was arrested for profanity after being warned. DMX felt the same fate back in 2003…

A whole lot of NOPE happened in Scotland over the weekend when a hanging rollercoaster flew off the rails. Many were hurt, including a few that had been on the ground when the rollercoaster landed on them. Here in the states, the likelihood of something happening like this is 1 in 24 million. Still don’t like those odds…

With other groups calling it quits with their own farewell tours, one of rock’s luminaries is saying goodbye. Aerosmith has announced they too will be planning a farewell tour in 2017 before the band officially breaks up.

Japan has some weird-as-hell commercials, but this “Xmen: Apocalypse” trailer with Deadpool at the end is both funny and creepy…

A part of the Ticketmaster settlement and scored free tickets? Guess what, you ain’t seeing Beyonce or any other hot acts this summer. Shows have been sold out and only tickets that are available are for shows involving cover/tribute bands. The article does mention the release of more seats as the shows progress…

Really? Tableside cocktails? FFS…

Something to ask our own Johnny O when he’s on the podcast

Billions for a woodpile? That you didn’t know existed? On land you no longer own?


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Sunday Cinema – “Beavis & Butthead”



What started out in the early 1990’s as a simple couple minute cartoon on MTV’s “Liquid Television” turned into a national phenomenon celebrating the dimwitted duo. Fraught with controversy (children setting their homes on fire while chanting, “Fire! Fire!” and the infamous “Frog Baseball” episode), it only fueled the viewership of the series.

In 1996, towards the waning of the show, a feature-length movie was produced with some notable voice actors such as Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, & Cloris Leachman.

A somewhat sh*tty copy of someone videoing the television while the film is playing is available on YouTube.

Less than a Fiver

Less than a Fiver


La Moneda Reserva Malbec from Chile named best red wine in the world. The problem? It costs less than $7 and can be found at the supermarket…

For around $200, you too can own Bandai’s new take on Voltron which doesn’t use lions to form the gigantic hero figure. Rather it uses characters from Disney’s “Toy Story”, apparently a similar Buzz Lightyear figure is in the works…

Bog Butter“, its what’s for dinner…

When will the rape of the national parks end? First there’s the dumbass that painted rocks and instagrammed them in several national parks. Then there’s the idiots that walked onto Yellowstone’s “Old Faithful” geyser. Now a Chinese tourist was slapped with a $1300 fine for stepping off the boardwalk and collecting “thermal water” from a spring in Yellowstone for “medicinal purposes”…

Pornhub has been a very giving site as of late. First it was their “exercise” option, now they offer a “described video” option for blind viewers and those who are hard of hearing. The option is available on their most-popular videos and gives a descriptive commentary of the action on the screen…

Being the inspiration of a character doesn’t necessarily mean you get to play the character. Henry Rollins found this out when he auditioned for the role of Negan on “The Walking Dead”…


Sunday Cinema – “Clube da Luta”



A gem from 1999 (geez, 15 years!), “Clube da Luta” is based on a 1996 novel of the same name by author Chuck Palahniuk.

The narrator (no name given) suffers from bouts of insomnia caused by his job and almost constant business trips. He finds relief in visiting support groups until a woman calls him out as a “faker”. On a flight, he meets a soap salesman and from there all hell breaks loose.

Starring Edward Norton & Brad Pitt, it originally received critical reviews with worries about “copycat” behavior. It went on to win several awards and enjoys a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Someone posted this version with foreign subtitles for everyone to enjoy.

Quick Update – June 2016

Quick Update – June 2016


Welcome to summer! This week’s pod is just a quick “state of the podcast” to let you know what we have in store for upcoming shows!


To start your summer off right, watch the classic “Summer School” along with us! Download the commentary, pop on the movie and sit back as we bullsh*t right along!

Want to see Michael J. Fox try and get into Nancy McKeon’s pants at summer camp? Then check out “Poison Ivy”!

What’s the “Purple Pineapple Polar Bear” position? Find out watching the T&A flick, “Summer Job”!

“Sleepaway Camp” made me sh*t my pants when I saw it at the tender age of 12…


Stuck inside? Then check out the Internet Archive’s list of PC games! From old pre-internet classics to newer FPS games, there is a lot here to keep you busy!

Have Spotify? Then check out our “Summa Jams” playlist and jam away!



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Sunday Cinema – “Hardcastle & McCormick”



Mark McCormick got busted trying to find the murderer of his best friend (and for stealing a prototype race car). Judge Hardcastle is sick of criminals being let off on legal technicalities. McCormick is ordered by Judge Hardcastle to help him bring those creeps to justice, and is allowed to keep the car!

One of those action series from the 1980s that has that “cheesy”vibe but has the coolest vehicle. Today’s selection is the pilot, a whopping 90 minute adventure that set up the entire series. Brought to you by Stephen J. Cannell, who was responsible for other gems of the 1980s such as “The A-Team”, “Riptide”, & “The Greatest American Hero”.

Some friend of the 1980s posted this classic to YouTube for all to enjoy!

Hipster Wine

Hipster Wine

Deconstructed Coffee” is a new trend in Australia, they give you the ingredients and it’s up to you to make it to your liking…

A crazy mash-up of different wine grapes (probably production leftovers) is sparking a new trend in the wine world, “Hipster Wine“, one that is appealing to the bearded and inked crowd…

Sparkling Coffee“? Starbucks is unveiling a new trend in it’s shops, “Nitro Coffee”, a cold brew coffee with nitrogen infusion. Supposedly it gives the coffee a creamy taste & effervescence and looks like Guinness as it comes out of the tap. Geez…

In the hopes it pays off big time, it has recently been revealed that Hulk Hogan’s lawsuits against Gawker have been funded by a Silicon Valley billionaire! I didn’t think residuals from “Thunder in Paradise” were that profitable to fund such lawsuits…

We give a little tribute to arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, who recently passed away. One of the memories I have is of when Ali fought Superman in a DC comic…

A “sex test” to be a part of an undercover sting operation? 3 San Antonio police officers are being charged for soliciting sex from 25 women under the guise of becoming a part of a police sting. Many of the women were desperate for money and believed the sting operation as real…

First they removed the toys for fear of kids choking on them. Now Cracker Jack is removing the paper prizes from their product and replacing them with digital codes to be redeemed online for games and other digital media. WTF?

What would a date for two cost the year you were born? As for MattyV, the total cost would be $17.60 or close to $100 today. Look up your birth year and see how much it cost your parents to “get down”…

China is feeling the pressure just like America had when jobs were being replaced by robots in the early 1980’s. Foxconn, maker of Apple products, is replacing half of its workforce with robots – or about 60,000 jobs. And just like America, looks like the rise of the robot will continue…

Gotta check these out:

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Sunday Cinema – “Anthrax”



This month we are celebrating Dan the Man’s birthday with a few of his favorite things. From the time I’ve known him, Anthrax had been a big part of his life. Today’s “Sunday Cinema” is an odd and a little obscure gem about the band. “Anthrax – Soldiers of Metal UNAUTHORIZED” is a collection of interviews, backstage footage, & concert clips from what looks like the early-to-mid-1990’s. What gets me is the “UNAUTHORIZED”, since obviously the band freely gave permission to the production crew to film them and allowed their music to be included in the documentary.

Someone claiming the username of Joey Belladonna posted this gem to YouTube so everyone can see the power that was (and is) Anthrax…