Hipster Wine

Hipster Wine

Deconstructed Coffee” is a new trend in Australia, they give you the ingredients and it’s up to you to make it to your liking…

A crazy mash-up of different wine grapes (probably production leftovers) is sparking a new trend in the wine world, “Hipster Wine“, one that is appealing to the bearded and inked crowd…

Sparkling Coffee“? Starbucks is unveiling a new trend in it’s shops, “Nitro Coffee”, a cold brew coffee with nitrogen infusion. Supposedly it gives the coffee a creamy taste & effervescence and looks like Guinness as it comes out of the tap. Geez…

In the hopes it pays off big time, it has recently been revealed that Hulk Hogan’s lawsuits against Gawker have been funded by a Silicon Valley billionaire! I didn’t think residuals from “Thunder in Paradise” were that profitable to fund such lawsuits…

We give a little tribute to arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, who recently passed away. One of the memories I have is of when Ali fought Superman in a DC comic…

A “sex test” to be a part of an undercover sting operation? 3 San Antonio police officers are being charged for soliciting sex from 25 women under the guise of becoming a part of a police sting. Many of the women were desperate for money and believed the sting operation as real…

First they removed the toys for fear of kids choking on them. Now Cracker Jack is removing the paper prizes from their product and replacing them with digital codes to be redeemed online for games and other digital media. WTF?

What would a date for two cost the year you were born? As for MattyV, the total cost would be $17.60 or close to $100 today. Look up your birth year and see how much it cost your parents to “get down”…

China is feeling the pressure just like America had when jobs were being replaced by robots in the early 1980’s. Foxconn, maker of Apple products, is replacing half of its workforce with robots – or about 60,000 jobs. And just like America, looks like the rise of the robot will continue…

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