Sunday Cinema – “Hardcastle & McCormick”



Mark McCormick got busted trying to find the murderer of his best friend (and for stealing a prototype race car). Judge Hardcastle is sick of criminals being let off on legal technicalities. McCormick is ordered by Judge Hardcastle to help him bring those creeps to justice, and is allowed to keep the car!

One of those action series from the 1980s that has that “cheesy”vibe but has the coolest vehicle. Today’s selection is the pilot, a whopping 90 minute adventure that set up the entire series. Brought to you by Stephen J. Cannell, who was responsible for other gems of the 1980s such as “The A-Team”, “Riptide”, & “The Greatest American Hero”.

Some friend of the 1980s posted this classic to YouTube for all to enjoy!


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