Quick Update – June 2016

Quick Update – June 2016


Welcome to summer! This week’s pod is just a quick “state of the podcast” to let you know what we have in store for upcoming shows!


To start your summer off right, watch the classic “Summer School” along with us! Download the commentary, pop on the movie and sit back as we bullsh*t right along!

Want to see Michael J. Fox try and get into Nancy McKeon’s pants at summer camp? Then check out “Poison Ivy”!

What’s the “Purple Pineapple Polar Bear” position? Find out watching the T&A flick, “Summer Job”!

“Sleepaway Camp” made me sh*t my pants when I saw it at the tender age of 12…


Stuck inside? Then check out the Internet Archive’s list of PC games! From old pre-internet classics to newer FPS games, there is a lot here to keep you busy!

Have Spotify? Then check out our “Summa Jams” playlist and jam away!



REMEMBER – once we get to 50 non-scamming twitter followers there will be a drawing for a mystery box of cool stuff! So follow us and get your friends to do the same! Win free stuff! Visit our “Cool Crap Giveaway” page to learn more!

Check us out on Facebook & on Twitter! We post random stuff that doesn’t get seen here!

Until next week Junkies






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