Kinda Like It, But Not Really


Kinda Like It, But Not Really


Led Zeppelin was recently cleared of plagiarism when the family of one of the members of the rock group Spirit claimed the melody from “Stairway to Heaven” is the same melody as heard in the song “Taurus“. John Fogerty met with a similar case when he was sued because he oddly sounded like himself.

Why invite foul-mouthed musical artists to your island paradise? To line the pockets of the local constabulary of course! Fifty Cent was arrested for profanity after being warned. DMX felt the same fate back in 2003…

A whole lot of NOPE happened in Scotland over the weekend when a hanging rollercoaster flew off the rails. Many were hurt, including a few that had been on the ground when the rollercoaster landed on them. Here in the states, the likelihood of something happening like this is 1 in 24 million. Still don’t like those odds…

With other groups calling it quits with their own farewell tours, one of rock’s luminaries is saying goodbye. Aerosmith has announced they too will be planning a farewell tour in 2017 before the band officially breaks up.

Japan has some weird-as-hell commercials, but this “Xmen: Apocalypse” trailer with Deadpool at the end is both funny and creepy…

A part of the Ticketmaster settlement and scored free tickets? Guess what, you ain’t seeing Beyonce or any other hot acts this summer. Shows have been sold out and only tickets that are available are for shows involving cover/tribute bands. The article does mention the release of more seats as the shows progress…

Really? Tableside cocktails? FFS…

Something to ask our own Johnny O when he’s on the podcast

Billions for a woodpile? That you didn’t know existed? On land you no longer own?


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