Dollars & Donuts

Dollars & Donuts


MattyV was checking out some old articles on and came across this one about selling vacuum cleaners. It’s a rabbit hole of an article, don’t get sucked in (pun intended!)

Hostess made a comeback from the brink and is on its way to becoming an IPO! You too can soon own stock in the maker of Twinkies and Chocodiles!

Canned martinis? Sparkling wine candy? Some of the more odd things to be found in the world of cocktails…

35 watches? $16,000 for entertainment tickets? Spending $8.7 million to decorate a $73 million dollar mansion to suit you? This supermodel needs $262 million to support her lifestyle as the result of a divorce…

Student loan debt has gotten so bad that college students are willing to go to extremes to wipe it out...

Faking being a vet to get a pool job? How disgusting…

$35k for a bottle of scotch? Macallan is offering it’s 65 year old scotch in a decanter that looks like a perfume bottle…

Yea, Michigan. The first pot church convened recently in Lansing. The basic tenet is that it is to be thought of as a spiritually uplifting herb.

The photos are hilarious, dad trolls daughter with selfies on social media…

5 times more likely? wonder why…

Kind of a deal in either corner, VW settlement could mean a boon for owners…

A local donut shop closed because of a homeless problem. People saw an issue with this…


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