Sunday Cinema – “Secrets from Another Place”




Back in 1990, a phenomenon captured America’s televisions. Bigger than “Who shot J.R.?”, the question on everybody’s mind was “Who killed Laura Palmer?”

Twin Peaks” was a series developed by Mark Frost & David Lynch centering on the arrival of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, who was called in to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer. The small town of Twin Peaks was filled with odd & quirky characters and kept America riveted each week. Before the era of “binge watching” & social media, work & school conversations percolated with theories about what happened to Laura Palmer and Ronette Pulaski and who the murderer was.

This series found merchandising expanding the “Twin Peaks” universe with books such as Laura Palmer’s diary and Special Agent Cooper’s recordings to “Diane”. The soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti won a Grammy in 1990.

David Lynch and Mark Frost are in the works to revive the series for short run of episodes on Showtime, taking place in Twin Peaks 25 years after the original series ended.

Someone posted the behind-the-scenes documentary about the series for all to enjoy.


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