Sunday Cinema – “Harper Valley PTA”




As of late, there have been movies based on video games & even board games. But it’s been quite a while since a movie was based on a song. Back in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s it wasn’t uncommon for songs to become made-for-television movies, at least the songs that told a story.

Stella Johnson is a single mother who is a little too “liberal” for the uptight town of Harper Valley. The local PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) makes things difficult for both her and her teen daughter until Stella has enough. Exposing the “dirty little secrets” of the PTA members, pulling pranks, & eventually running for president of the PTA – Stella isn’t one to take things sitting down.


A classic starring Barbara Eden & Ronny Cox, it’s neat to see a song come to life. Someone posted a copy online for everyone to enjoy.


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