In the Pokey, Mon

In the Pokey, Mon


MattyV has been watching a lot of Australian TV sitcoms on Netflix while waiting for the new seasons of some of his favorite shows to start up. “Swift and Shift Couriers” is kind of like the UK & US versions of “The Office”, but takes place in a package delivery company…

Unlike those cheapo plug-n-play consoles with non-marquee games you’ve seen over the years (I’m looking at you, Atari!), Nintendo has announced that they are releasing their own plug-n-play console with 30 classic games including Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, & Tecmo Bowl!

I had no idea that “Chopping Mall” had become reality! A California mall has powered-down their security robots after a toddler was run over by one of them.

Haunting but super-stupid, a Malaysian photographer snuck into the exclusion zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan and took photos/video of the ghost towns that were abandoned in 2011. They wore masks so they didn’t breathe in toxic material but wore shorts exposing their skin…

The Pokemon Go craze has gotten nuts. People are trying to “catch’em all” by sneaking around zoos, falling off cliffs, even disturbing funeral homes. WTF????

How fucked up are we as a society when we complain about being seated near police officers or restaurant owners ask that they not eat at they’re businesses?

If states would only legalize the real thing, these overdoses & deaths from the fake stuff probably could have been prevented…

Honestly, I’ve never heard of a river that circles back around on itself except at a water park…

Why not legalize a certain organic substance instead of taxing digital downloads? They’d make a shit-ton more money and create jobs at the same time…


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