Sunday Cinema – “Alice’s Restaurant”




One of the longest songs in recent history (at over 18 minutes) was turned into a major motion picture back in 1969. “Alice’s Restaurant” follows the true (?) story of Arlo Guthrie’s brush with the law in a small New England town and later his experience showing up for the draft.

As zany as it may sound, Officer “Obie” actually plays himself in the movie – the overzealous local police officer. The “blind judge” also plays himself and the prop photos during the trial are actual photos from the real case. Other people who were involved in the actual events also end up in the movie playing themselves or with bit parts. The real Alice of “Alice’s Restaurant” and her husband have a little part, you can notice them in several scenes.

Someone posted it online for all to enjoy, and remember – “Alice’s Restaurant” is not the name of the restaurant…



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