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3 Year Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary


Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since our very first podcast. When we first started, we had no idea what we were doing, what shape the podcast was going to take, or if it would even last. Armed with an ART USB Dual Pre audio mixer, a couple of Samson Q2U XLR microphones, and a vast knowledge about nothing, the duo of MattyV & Dan the Man unleashed a mixture of comedy & commentary on the podcasting world.

With upgraded equipment (no more left/right audio! Real stereo tracks!), a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, & the addition of Jen the Intern to try and keep the boys in check while offering her own quips and opinions, the podcast keeps rolling right along.

We thought it might be fitting to share our very first podcast from so many years ago, remastered to eliminate the annoying left/right audio (MattyV in one ear & Dan the Man in the other). Below are the show notes from that very podcast, the links have been updated to fix broken ones from 3 years ago. Enjoy the podcast and tell your friends!


That’s right, this is the inaugural pod of what we hope to be a weekly chat session between 2 schmoes that know everything about nothing! The topics vary, as do the opinions! Here are a few links to some of the topics we covered:

Check out Dan’s creation – ¬†Stickman Tim Comics on Facebook

Dan would like to sit down with Leonard Cohen and talk about his music, while Matty wishes to hang out with either Bruce Dickinson or “Uncle” Ted Nugent.

Matty highly recommends Spotify, they have free accounts and access to literally millions of songs. Much better than Pandora because you can create your own playlists.

Dan’s first music video he saw on MTV (that’s Music Television for you young’ns out there) that he could remember was Kiss’ “Lick It Up“, one of their first music videos without their signature makeup but with the cheesy animal prints & spandex. Matty fondly remembers “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” as his first.

They did get a little political talking about marijuana legalization, taxes, & career politicians that have lost touch with their constituents.

Dan shared his view & background on why Dave Mustaine shouldn’t have been invited to Metallica’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

And lastly, they both agree that Sammy Hagar did not in fact ruin Van Halen as well as share some of their music store memories.

Matty also recommends checking out “100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience” on YouTube (was on Hulu originally).


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Sunday Cinema – “Supermarket Sweep”




One of my favorite shows, “Supermarket Sweep” takes place in a supermarket – well a facsimile of a supermarket, where pairs of contestants answer food/product related questions & ultimately go on a shopping spree in the store. The winner was the couple with the highest dollar total at the end of the “big sweep”. It may not seem like a lot of fun, but to see people rushing around the store with shopping carts loaded with groceries was a laugh riot at times.

There were rules when it came to the “big sweep” – only 5 of one item (to prevent hoarding), any item knocked off a shelf must be put back on the shelf or get a dollar amount penalty at the end, any damaged items got dollar penalties, hitting other people/cameramen/contestants with your cart got a dollar penalty, and only runners could be in the “store”, the other partner was the “cashier” unloading items for tally. There were also bonuses as well, grinding a pound of coffee could get you $100 or picking out a $1’s worth of candy (within 2 cents) got you $100 as well. There were shopping lists, big blow-up items, and other ways to get additional money to win the game as well.

I always shouted for the people to pick up diapers & beef roasts for the big money…

someone posted an early episode (from 1991) online for all of us to enjoy…

Homeless Respect

Homeless Respect

When we often think of the homeless, we either think of drugged-out junkies or those that are mentally-ill. This isn’t always the case, many good people become homeless and are unable to scrape together the means to get back on their feet while at the same time trying to survive. Simple things like a hot shower or clean clothes have become a luxury. One outfit is looking to remedy the clean clothes issue with a mobile truck that will wash/dry/fold laundry for the homeless in their community free of charge. There have been efforts around the country to offer hot showers using the same mobile truck concept.

Unfortunately, an LA resident that began a cause to build tiny houses for the homeless is seeing his movement dissipating thanks to the county. Building violations & safety issues are the “official” reasoning behind the confiscation of the tiny homes. The county suggests that the homeless visit shelters or apply for housing vouchers instead. Many of the residents of these tiny homes on wheels are doing what they can to keep them. It gives them some dignity, knowing that they own a roof over their head – no matter how small that roof is…

Weird Al asked James Blunt if he could include the parody of his song on the “Straight Outta Lynwood” album. Initially he was allowed, but then permission was revoked at the last minute. Later, Weird Al approached him again to see if the song could be included in his “Squeezebox” anthology, and again he was rebuffed. So what does Weird Al do? He posts the parody song on his website for all to download FOR FREE! Good one…

If you type, “Pregnancy Announcement Parody” into YouTube’s search, you get this list of both clever & lame attempts…

How about paying to go to a private school, only to live in a toilet? A middle school in China was under fire for converting communal restrooms into dorm rooms, at least taking time to fill the squat-style toilets with cement. The school officials claim that this is only temporary as they renovate spaces to accommodate the students. The students, however, tell a different tale by stating the officials told them “they are there to study, not enjoy a comfortable lifestyle…”

A prison official is out some bucks when a judge ruled that a painting claimed to be painted by Peter Doig was in fact painted by the less-famous Peter Doige. Peter Doig (no ‘e’) has said several times that it was not his painting and that he was not in prison at the time it was painted as he was attending high school(!).

I don’t think it was meant as racism. A school district is dealing with backlash over a radio station policy for school vehicles. No talk radio, no religious radio, no rap radio. Pop, Country, & Jazz are allowed. The public is in an uproar that rap music was singled out as an overt affront to African-American students. The district even said that the reasoning behind the policy was to limit students’ exposure to religious teaching, profanity, &¬† violent lyrics. Hell, I don’t recall ever hearing the radio going on the bus when I went to school…

Good grief. First there was the bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, now a bakery is feeling the heat for creating a transgender cake with a Ken doll in a dress

First there was the “movie-night-in-a-pizza box” (which we never got in the states), then there’s the “bong-in-a-pizza box“, now there’s the “bluetooth pizza box” that turns into a set of playable DJ turntables using a computer or smartphone.

“Sorry, I guess she wasn’t faking so here’s $75,000 – we all good?”, says the college dean of a professor that took sick leave & died from ovarian cancer. This was the fourth professor that was fired for taking unauthorized sick leave due to serious illness.


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Sunday Cinema – “Match Game 74”



Match Game has found a semi-revival on ABC with Alec Baldwin taking the helm from Gene Rayburn. I suppose in an effort to capitalize on the older generation that remember the old show and a new generation that had no clue as to the zaniness that could occur during the game.

Match Game will only ever have one host & one crazy cast of b-list celebrities for me.¬† When I hear the names, “Charles Nelson Reilly”, “Brett Somers”, or “Nipsey Russell”, I remember some of the most crass and funny answers to the most innocent of questions.

I found this episode that apparently has been banned from the Game Show Network for it’s inclusion of the word “Nymphomaniac” as one of the answers. Geez, just show the episode after 10pm for goodness sake!

Anyway, someone posted the entire episode for all of us to fondly remember why Gene Rayburn was the man…

The Green Episode

The Green Episode


Restaurants around the country are experimenting with a “no tipping” structure to combat the cheap asses that frequent their establishments. They are increasing food prices by 20% and other changes to make it more financially manageable for their employees…

Australia is releasing $5 notes that are blind/poor vision friendly. The notes have a small tactile bump on the note to help the owner determine the value of the bill. Currently blind & poor vision patrons have had to rely on honesty from shopkeepers or measurement devices to determine the bills they are given or are paying out. They hope to expand to other denominations soon…

A 33 year old retiree? A woman from Chicago decided to retire early and did what most financial experts explain in their books/seminars/radio/television programs – save money, forego short-term pleasures, get health insurance with a high deductible. I’m sure her next blog in 10 years will be, “Do you want fries with that?” burning through $24,000/yr…

Here’s information on the medical marijuana program in Michigan, each state is different as far as the administering of their own program. Ohio recently passed their program, but it is really restrictive and won’t be fully-operational for at least a year…

Recreational marijuana wasn’t going to be on the ballot in November in Michigan due to some 100,000 signatures on the petition being “stale” (collected outside the 6 month collection window). There is an injunction to stop November ballot printing filed by 2 voters who signed the petition outside the collection window. The issue apparently isn’t dead…

Is this a surprise to anyone? Maker of Fentanyl makes huge donation to anti-recreational marijuana ballot initiative. It’s difficult to get a plant patent, so of course Big Pharma wants to stop the pro-marijuana movements as it is starting to cut into their profits…

Straincentral has reviews on different marijuana strains, smoking accessories, & subscription boxes aimed towards marijuana users. Matty is getting a vaporizer based on his review

Uptown Grow Lab (not Underground Grow Lab) is another reviewer/grower from Washington state. Good information, excellent reviews.

Just when it was legalized, Washington & Oregon marijuana is under attack by an invasive Japanese beetle infestation

While searching for a suspect, NY’s finest come across an apartment in Brooklyn containing 8 foot tall marijuana plants! Although not the tallest on record, the tallest on record was 14 feet tall according to…

In a case where telling the truth gets you into trouble, a Canadian man was held for hours by border patrol when he answered “yes” to the question, “Have you smoked marijuana recreationally in the past?”…

Check out “Project Greenlight” on YouTube to see what it takes to get a small-budget indie film made…


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Sunday Cinema – “Sale of the Century”




This week, in keeping with the theme of “game shows”, I share a favorite of mine. When I was home sick from school, I remember curling up on our “rustic country” couch (an uncomfortable wood frame couch with removable cushions) with a blanket and watching game shows. “Sale of the Century” was a trivia game that pitted 3 contestants against each other with each question having a monetary value of $5. Answering a question wrong and $5 gets deducted. One of the differences in this game was that only one contestant had a chance to answer the question (other shows allowed for another to answer in case the first contestant got it wrong). It also brought in the “Instant Bargain” where contestants could purchase valuable prizes for amazingly low prices which would be taken off their dollar total. The one with the most cash at the end of the game was the winner and got to go on a “shopping spree”, with the option of purchasing vacations, furniture, and even a car!

This episode was apparently towards the end of the show’s run and was a part of a “Bride’s Week” segment where the contestants were all brides-to-be. With the opportunity to win a honeymoon or a china dish set, it was what every bride wished for!

Someone posted a fairly clean copy online for all to enjoy…

Just Be Honest

Just Be Honest


First it was a group of men dressed as police officers with guns cocked at their heads. Now it comes out that it was security guards at a gas station detaining them for vandalizing the station. Just be honest dipsh*ts, being honest would have garnered a lot less bad press…

WTF is wrong with the world when what used to be a trusted organization continually denies liability for a cholera outbreak that kills 10,000+ people for over 6 years and finally has to admit that they “may” be liable when someone finally has evidence and calls them on it?

I know she meant well, but this is all kinds of creepy. Woman edited her dead brother into her wedding photos

MattyV has been to seminars detailing what goes on during crime scene cleanups (it’s a highly-specialized type of work that requires all sorts of health & safety certifications), in Mexico there’s only one man authorized to do it. One crime scene cleanup man for the entire country of Mexico…

Woman in Australia posted a photo of what she thought was a duck sunning itself next to a lake. Turns out the “duck” was a large black strap-on dildo (NSFW)

There’s punishing your strict father by not coming home or not talking to him. There there’s this daughter who claimed he raped her repeatedly, until it was found out that her descriptions of the rapes were similar to those found in her favorite book – “Fifty Shades of Grey”…

“Yoga Rage” is a new one on me. A South Korean man has to pay an airline $44,000 because he refused to take his seat and threatened airline staff while trying to perform yoga & meditate at the back of the plane…

Cupcakes are good. Ones that can ooze frosting “puss” when squeezed are not…

Don’t even try. A little boy tried to sell his teddy bear for food because neither he or his siblings had eaten for days. Mother takes to Facebook to explain the photos of the disgusting house were because she hadn’t cleaned up from the weekend. Come on…


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Sunday Cinema – “Card Sharks”




“Card Sharks” was a mixture of “Family Feud” and the card game “Acey Deucey“, where in the first round contestants answered demographic questions (“Out of a hundred people, how many responded…”) and the person who guessed closest to the actual figure won. The next round is where the cards came in, each started with a base card and had to guess whether the next card was higher or lower and had the option to “freeze” on a particular card if they were unsure. The one with the most money at the end of the show was the winner. It sounds boring, but let me tell you, the games often got heated as the audience screamed at the contestants whether the next card in their opinion was higher or lower…

This episode was from the end of the first season in 1979 & $3900 was a lot of money back then. Someone posted this classic online for all to enjoy…