Sunday Cinema – “Card Sharks”




“Card Sharks” was a mixture of “Family Feud” and the card game “Acey Deucey“, where in the first round contestants answered demographic questions (“Out of a hundred people, how many responded…”) and the person who guessed closest to the actual figure won. The next round is where the cards came in, each started with a base card and had to guess whether the next card was higher or lower and had the option to “freeze” on a particular card if they were unsure. The one with the most money at the end of the show was the winner. It sounds boring, but let me tell you, the games often got heated as the audience screamed at the contestants whether the next card in their opinion was higher or lower…

This episode was from the end of the first season in 1979 & $3900 was a lot of money back then. Someone posted this classic online for all to enjoy…


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