Just Be Honest

Just Be Honest


First it was a group of men dressed as police officers with guns cocked at their heads. Now it comes out that it was security guards at a gas station detaining them for vandalizing the station. Just be honest dipsh*ts, being honest would have garnered a lot less bad press…

WTF is wrong with the world when what used to be a trusted organization continually denies liability for a cholera outbreak that kills 10,000+ people for over 6 years and finally has to admit that they “may” be liable when someone finally has evidence and calls them on it?

I know she meant well, but this is all kinds of creepy. Woman edited her dead brother into her wedding photos

MattyV has been to seminars detailing what goes on during crime scene cleanups (it’s a highly-specialized type of work that requires all sorts of health & safety certifications), in Mexico there’s only one man authorized to do it. One crime scene cleanup man for the entire country of Mexico…

Woman in Australia posted a photo of what she thought was a duck sunning itself next to a lake. Turns out the “duck” was a large black strap-on dildo (NSFW)

There’s punishing your strict father by not coming home or not talking to him. There there’s this daughter who claimed he raped her repeatedly, until it was found out that her descriptions of the rapes were similar to those found in her favorite book – “Fifty Shades of Grey”…

“Yoga Rage” is a new one on me. A South Korean man has to pay an airline $44,000 because he refused to take his seat and threatened airline staff while trying to perform yoga & meditate at the back of the plane…

Cupcakes are good. Ones that can ooze frosting “puss” when squeezed are not…

Don’t even try. A little boy tried to sell his teddy bear for food because neither he or his siblings had eaten for days. Mother takes to Facebook to explain the photos of the disgusting house were because she hadn’t cleaned up from the weekend. Come on…


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