Sunday Cinema – “Sale of the Century”




This week, in keeping with the theme of “game shows”, I share a favorite of mine. When I was home sick from school, I remember curling up on our “rustic country” couch (an uncomfortable wood frame couch with removable cushions) with a blanket and watching game shows. “Sale of the Century” was a trivia game that pitted 3 contestants against each other with each question having a monetary value of $5. Answering a question wrong and $5 gets deducted. One of the differences in this game was that only one contestant had a chance to answer the question (other shows allowed for another to answer in case the first contestant got it wrong). It also brought in the “Instant Bargain” where contestants could purchase valuable prizes for amazingly low prices which would be taken off their dollar total. The one with the most cash at the end of the game was the winner and got to go on a “shopping spree”, with the option of purchasing vacations, furniture, and even a car!

This episode was apparently towards the end of the show’s run and was a part of a “Bride’s Week” segment where the contestants were all brides-to-be. With the opportunity to win a honeymoon or a china dish set, it was what every bride wished for!

Someone posted a fairly clean copy online for all to enjoy…


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