The Green Episode

The Green Episode


Restaurants around the country are experimenting with a “no tipping” structure to combat the cheap asses that frequent their establishments. They are increasing food prices by 20% and other changes to make it more financially manageable for their employees…

Australia is releasing $5 notes that are blind/poor vision friendly. The notes have a small tactile bump on the note to help the owner determine the value of the bill. Currently blind & poor vision patrons have had to rely on honesty from shopkeepers or measurement devices to determine the bills they are given or are paying out. They hope to expand to other denominations soon…

A 33 year old retiree? A woman from Chicago decided to retire early and did what most financial experts explain in their books/seminars/radio/television programs – save money, forego short-term pleasures, get health insurance with a high deductible. I’m sure her next blog in 10 years will be, “Do you want fries with that?” burning through $24,000/yr…

Here’s information on the medical marijuana program in Michigan, each state is different as far as the administering of their own program. Ohio recently passed their program, but it is really restrictive and won’t be fully-operational for at least a year…

Recreational marijuana wasn’t going to be on the ballot in November in Michigan due to some 100,000 signatures on the petition being “stale” (collected outside the 6 month collection window). There is an injunction to stop November ballot printing filed by 2 voters who signed the petition outside the collection window. The issue apparently isn’t dead…

Is this a surprise to anyone? Maker of Fentanyl makes huge donation to anti-recreational marijuana ballot initiative. It’s difficult to get a plant patent, so of course Big Pharma wants to stop the pro-marijuana movements as it is starting to cut into their profits…

Straincentral has reviews on different marijuana strains, smoking accessories, & subscription boxes aimed towards marijuana users. Matty is getting a vaporizer based on his review

Uptown Grow Lab (not Underground Grow Lab) is another reviewer/grower from Washington state. Good information, excellent reviews.

Just when it was legalized, Washington & Oregon marijuana is under attack by an invasive Japanese beetle infestation

While searching for a suspect, NY’s finest come across an apartment in Brooklyn containing 8 foot tall marijuana plants! Although not the tallest on record, the tallest on record was 14 feet tall according to…

In a case where telling the truth gets you into trouble, a Canadian man was held for hours by border patrol when he answered “yes” to the question, “Have you smoked marijuana recreationally in the past?”…

Check out “Project Greenlight” on YouTube to see what it takes to get a small-budget indie film made…


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