Sunday Cinema – “Match Game 74”



Match Game has found a semi-revival on ABC with Alec Baldwin taking the helm from Gene Rayburn. I suppose in an effort to capitalize on the older generation that remember the old show and a new generation that had no clue as to the zaniness that could occur during the game.

Match Game will only ever have one host & one crazy cast of b-list celebrities for me.  When I hear the names, “Charles Nelson Reilly”, “Brett Somers”, or “Nipsey Russell”, I remember some of the most crass and funny answers to the most innocent of questions.

I found this episode that apparently has been banned from the Game Show Network for it’s inclusion of the word “Nymphomaniac” as one of the answers. Geez, just show the episode after 10pm for goodness sake!

Anyway, someone posted the entire episode for all of us to fondly remember why Gene Rayburn was the man…


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