Homeless Respect

Homeless Respect

When we often think of the homeless, we either think of drugged-out junkies or those that are mentally-ill. This isn’t always the case, many good people become homeless and are unable to scrape together the means to get back on their feet while at the same time trying to survive. Simple things like a hot shower or clean clothes have become a luxury. One outfit is looking to remedy the clean clothes issue with a mobile truck that will wash/dry/fold laundry for the homeless in their community free of charge. There have been efforts around the country to offer hot showers using the same mobile truck concept.

Unfortunately, an LA resident that began a cause to build tiny houses for the homeless is seeing his movement dissipating thanks to the county. Building violations & safety issues are the “official” reasoning behind the confiscation of the tiny homes. The county suggests that the homeless visit shelters or apply for housing vouchers instead. Many of the residents of these tiny homes on wheels are doing what they can to keep them. It gives them some dignity, knowing that they own a roof over their head – no matter how small that roof is…

Weird Al asked James Blunt if he could include the parody of his song on the “Straight Outta Lynwood” album. Initially he was allowed, but then permission was revoked at the last minute. Later, Weird Al approached him again to see if the song could be included in his “Squeezebox” anthology, and again he was rebuffed. So what does Weird Al do? He posts the parody song on his website for all to download FOR FREE! Good one…

If you type, “Pregnancy Announcement Parody” into YouTube’s search, you get this list of both clever & lame attempts…

How about paying to go to a private school, only to live in a toilet? A middle school in China was under fire for converting communal restrooms into dorm rooms, at least taking time to fill the squat-style toilets with cement. The school officials claim that this is only temporary as they renovate spaces to accommodate the students. The students, however, tell a different tale by stating the officials told them “they are there to study, not enjoy a comfortable lifestyle…”

A prison official is out some bucks when a judge ruled that a painting claimed to be painted by Peter Doig was in fact painted by the less-famous Peter Doige. Peter Doig (no ‘e’) has said several times that it was not his painting and that he was not in prison at the time it was painted as he was attending high school(!).

I don’t think it was meant as racism. A school district is dealing with backlash over a radio station policy for school vehicles. No talk radio, no religious radio, no rap radio. Pop, Country, & Jazz are allowed. The public is in an uproar that rap music was singled out as an overt affront to African-American students. The district even said that the reasoning behind the policy was to limit students’ exposure to religious teaching, profanity, &  violent lyrics. Hell, I don’t recall ever hearing the radio going on the bus when I went to school…

Good grief. First there was the bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, now a bakery is feeling the heat for creating a transgender cake with a Ken doll in a dress

First there was the “movie-night-in-a-pizza box” (which we never got in the states), then there’s the “bong-in-a-pizza box“, now there’s the “bluetooth pizza box” that turns into a set of playable DJ turntables using a computer or smartphone.

“Sorry, I guess she wasn’t faking so here’s $75,000 – we all good?”, says the college dean of a professor that took sick leave & died from ovarian cancer. This was the fourth professor that was fired for taking unauthorized sick leave due to serious illness.


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