Sunday Cinema – “Supermarket Sweep”




One of my favorite shows, “Supermarket Sweep” takes place in a supermarket – well a facsimile of a supermarket, where pairs of contestants answer food/product related questions & ultimately go on a shopping spree in the store. The winner was the couple with the highest dollar total at the end of the “big sweep”. It may not seem like a lot of fun, but to see people rushing around the store with shopping carts loaded with groceries was a laugh riot at times.

There were rules when it came to the “big sweep” – only 5 of one item (to prevent hoarding), any item knocked off a shelf must be put back on the shelf or get a dollar amount penalty at the end, any damaged items got dollar penalties, hitting other people/cameramen/contestants with your cart got a dollar penalty, and only runners could be in the “store”, the other partner was the “cashier” unloading items for tally. There were also bonuses as well, grinding a pound of coffee could get you $100 or picking out a $1’s worth of candy (within 2 cents) got you $100 as well. There were shopping lists, big blow-up items, and other ways to get additional money to win the game as well.

I always shouted for the people to pick up diapers & beef roasts for the big money…

someone posted an early episode (from 1991) online for all of us to enjoy…


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