Sorry for the Taze

Sorry for the Taze


A Florida ex-sheriff is involved in a civil suit where he sent a picture of a cake he baked to the victim with the words, “Sorry I Tased You” along with a crude drawing of him tasing the victim. The officer was off-duty at the time and was “horsing around” with the victim, according to his defense.

How can a bicycle company decrease its shipping damage by 80%? By putting a picture of a flat screen television on the outside of the box…

The states has a “safe haven” law that allows for parents to give up newborns at fire & police stations without repercussions. Russia is contemplating eliminating their “Baby Boxes”, where mothers can leave infants anonymously. Opponents claim that eliminating the 20 boxes will mean more dead babies left in the woods or trash dumps.

I get not allowing those license plate covers or ground effects lights, but to give a ticket because a dealership’s license plate frame obscures the state’s web address?

There’s a special circle in hell for asswipes that pass fake currency, especially those that pass fake bills to a little girl’s lemonade stand

Of interest to Dan the Man, the Redskins case is going before the Supreme Court to determine if the name is free speech or falls under the 1946 Lanham Trademark Act, which says that trademarks cannot be granted to names that could be disparaging to persons.

More people these days are ditching expensive apartments & homes to live out their dreams in vans & re-purposed school buses.

Nope, nope, nope. Guys are paying upwards of $35oo to have Botox injected into their scrotum to make them less wrinkled and appear larger. Do women love a man with a less-wrinkly ball sack?

Back in 2011 we learned that thieves can copy your keys from just a cellphone pic. In 2015, some poor sap lost money posting a photo of their winning horse race ticket with the barcode showing. Now apparently people are getting information from photos of airline tickets posted to social media. When are we going to learn???


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