That’s Life

That’s Life


A lesson in life, a student who got perfect attendance for 5 years in a row ended up with a pen instead of an iPad. But there’s more to the story…

When you hear the phrase, “bag it”, that doesn’t literally mean you put a plastic bag on your wiener…

Some pretty great cake decorating fails. I like the Yoda with a penis…

Suing your school for bad grades, suing a restaurant chain for making you fat, now apparently you can sue your parents for posting photos of you on Facebook

What’s in a $43 martini? Vodka made with water harvested from authentic San Fransisco fog

The rappers that flash their gold chains and “bling bling” are amateurs compared to the rich kids of Singapore

Has Nerdist stumbled on the upcoming explanation for the BIGGEST plot hole in the Star Wars franchise???

How do the rich enjoy their ganja? Why in the most expensive way possible, of course!

All I get for paying taxes is a swift kick in the finances. In Japan, you can get an authentic hand-crafted sword

The psychology of why clowns creep us the f*ck out

Let’s just make traffic violators pay more of what they don’t have because f*ck you…

Forget the Nike self-lacing shoes, you want the new Converse Wah-Wahs with a built-in wah-wah pedal for guitarists…


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