Comic Con!


This week MattyV, Dan the Man, & Jay hit the Grand Rapids Comicon for the first time. It was some serious sensory overload for all three of them, booth upon booth of comics/collectibles/clothing as well as a multitude of people.

Dr. Strange Prelude #1 is available from Comixology for free. Great for those awaiting the Dr. Strange movie coming up in November.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, an adaptation of the Douglas Adams book, debuted on BBC America this weekend. Pretty quirky show, if you loved “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, you might like this show…

Martin Freeman did start his rise to fame as the “Jim” character (“Tim”) in the UK version of “The Office”. If you notice, the first episode of the US version is an almost shot-for-shot/line-for-line remake of the UK version…

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” dropped a new trailer & movie poster for people to ogle & cream-their-jeans over. And it has been confirmed via the trailer that Peter Quill will meet his father, Ego the Living Planet (MattyV goofed and called him Argos)…

The Nintendo Switch is new hybrid controller/tablet/console that may or may not change the face of casual gaming. MattyV & Dan the Man cannot wait for the NES Classic, a 30-in-1 game console for $60 that is officially licensed by Nintendo. With classics inside such as Super Mario, Kirby, & Tecmobowl!


Among the vendors were some luminaries (and not so luminary) of the comic/sci-fi/fantasy world. Denise Crosby made an appearance:


As you can see, she wasn’t as busy as hoped for. I think what did it was the cost of signatures & photos ($40 for a signature, $40 for a “selfie”), as it was with Sean Maher (of “Firefly” fame). He had the same asking price. There was the woman who voiced Slimer in “Ghostbusters II”, Steve Blum (voice actor best known as the voice of StarScream in “The Transformers” animated series as well as Wolverine in the animated series), Russell Hodgkinson (plays Doc in the Sci-Fi series, “Z Nation”), and other voice actors from memorable or not-so-memorable cartoons.

Yet the biggest draw (pun intended) was that of Kevin Eastman, co-creator of “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. His signing line was longer than any and people waited up to 2 hours for an autograph (first one’s free, subsequent signatures were $20 each). Many had brought along toys, newer comics, hardcover collections, but our own MattyV dug a few gems out of the vault:


Comic shop fresh, this was the first Turtles comic MattyV bought back in 1987. Read once and immediately placed in plastic where it sat for the last 18 years. Little-known fact, when the Turtles first came on the scene they were beer-drinking, cigar smoking, women chasing rascals…

But that wasn’t all, MattyV has a penchant to collect “knock-offs” of the Turtles craze as well. Back in the early days of the Turtles, many independent comic studios were quick to rush out their own versions of the characters as everything from hamsters to walruses. MattyV thought it might be funny to have Kevin sign one the knock-offs as well:


Another comic luminary made an appearance, one that might be of interest for Gen-Xers like MattyV & Dan the Man. Bob Camp is a name that some might remember as the creator of the popular “Ren & Stimpy” cartoons that debuted on both Nickelodeon & MTV in the early 1990’s. What most don’t know is that Bob Camp actually got his start illustrating covers & penciling/inking for both Marvel & DC. MattyV had met Bob a few years before at the Asbury Park Comicon, where he had him sign the first issue of “The ‘Nam” that he did a cover for. This time around, he thought it appropriate to have Mr.Camp sign the last issue that he did a cover/penciled & inked for “The ‘Nam”:


Bob is a real down-to-earth guy with reasonable signature rates ($10). For the cash MattyV got a signature and a story about Bob & comic artist Michael Golden. Really nice guy…

Of course there was cosplay too, from tons of Deadpool characters (including a Deadpool Trump!), Dr. Who characters, Minions, & we couldn’t count how many Suicide Squad Harley Quinns there were of all shapes/sizes (some of which made Dan the Man & MattyV feel a bit pervy from their ogling). A couple of Negans also graced the floor with their leather jackets & barb-wired “Lucille”s. Here’s a few that Dan the Man was able to take photos of:


War Machine!


One of a plethora of Spideys…


There were some gender-swapped couples, this one was Slave Han & Leia Solo.


Easily our favorite, Ash from the “Evil Dead” series complete with Book of the Dead & chainsaw hand!

The guys came away with a few items for their “man caves”, well MattyV doesn’t have a cave but rather a cabinet of curiosities in his office. This little bit of nostalgia came home to roost among his Goonies ReAction figures:


One of the shittiest sequels ever to be put out for the NES(maybe the shittiest game ever), this unfortunately isn’t the “5 screw variant” that is fetching big bucks on eBay but is still a clean copy nonetheless. The Goonies must save Anna the Mermaid from the dreaded Fratelli family. Yes, that is the plot. I swear. MattyV found a YouTube video where someone actually played the entire game from start to finish (it’s an hour long, so be ready).







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