Homeless & Depressed

Homeless & Depressed


Good thoughts & prayers go out to Jen the Intern, the microphone is waiting for her triumphant return…

Dan the Man shared an article about a woman suing Jimmy John’s for ruining her voice by putting mustard on her sub

Jared from Subway is back in the news, his ex-wife is suing Subway for knowing that her husband was a pedophile as early as 2004 and still sent him out to schools among children.

Bill Cosby’s lawyers are arguing that the comedian “is legally blind and cannot identify his accusers” in his latest attempt to have the sexual assault cases against him thrown out…

Among the more interesting trash left on Ben Nevis mountain in the UK have been a 2 foot cross, prayer flags, & a pink vibrator

Man posing as a Walmart employee relieves cashier, completes a customer transaction, & empties the register. I can hear the clanging of his big brass balls from here…

Forget self-driving cars & semi-trucks, Walmart received a patent for self-driving shopping carts. You would use a smartphone to request one & they would automatically corral themselves back into the store after use.

What happens when you give a homeless man $100,000 risk-free? He becomes homeless, more depressed, & even worse off than before he received the money.

The charity cites the “You Snooze, You Lose” portion of their rules when an Alberta father loses out on a $69,000 50/50 raffle from an Edmonton Oilers game. He had 48 hours to claim the money according to the rules, otherwise the charity could reinvest the funds back into itself… Hmmmm, kinda shady…

Despite what the opposition stated, Colorado has not seen a increase in teen usage, increase in crime, lower tourism, & little tax revenue. Instead, 61% of Coloradans feel the switch to legalize recreational marijuana was good for the state

Portugal legalized all drugs 15 years ago, here’s what the state of the country is today

Saginaw Sheriff cannot explain how 56,000 miles were added to a 1965 Chevy Nova SS they had confiscated. Was a running vehicle, but had no seats… Hmmm…


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