Roadtrippin’ pt 2

Roadtrippin’ pt 2


There are rules when it comes to voting in elections. Dan the Man mentioned that there are those that feel a photo ID as a requirement to vote only discourages those that do not drive or are uneducated. Other than a photo ID, some other items may be used to prove identity. And really, the cost and requirements to get a state ID are minimal.

Wheeler Dealers is the latest show MattyV has been checking out. It’s what Counting Cars used to be & what Pimp My Ride never was.

Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens” is a recommended read from Dan the Man, as well as “American Gods“. Although “Sandman” didn’t receive a Pulitzer, it did find some success in a television program. “Lucifer” on CBS is based on the same character from “Sandman”…

Deadpool Killustrated” is the last comic series that MattyV has completed. GI Joe issue 21, “Silent Interlude” is unusual in the fact that there is no dialogue in the entire issue. Someone posted a video going through the comic with music & sound effects.

We visited Summit Comics & Games in Lansing and was impressed. Definitely will warrant a return visit. MattyV passed on the Dazzler/Howard the Duck Minimates and he’s kicking himself.

Dan was HUGE into GI Joe growing up, he boasted owning several vehicles and many figures. Here is an article of some of the weirdest GI Joe vehicles & playsets! MattyV enjoyed the Max Rebo Band from “Return of the Jedi”.

Mike Rowe explained well why Trump won the election. Michael Moore offers his reasons why as well.

MattyV shared his dad’s “Blizzard of ’78” story…

This time of year was magical for those of us that grew up in the 1970’s & 1980’s. This was the time of year that the department stores would send out their catalogs. Sears was the sh*t with their “Wish Book”, aptly named as we wished for many things within its pages for Christmas.

Kool-Aid has had some interesting flavors that have since been retired.

Someone posted the entire gameplay for Star Wars:The Arcade Game that Dan remembered fondly…

Gunfighter was MattyV’s first video game arcade experience. Dan the Man loved the immersive games like Sea Wolf…

We are becoming so PC-crazy, Hilary Duff was blasted for wearing a pilgrim/Native American couples costume. Geez…

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