The pod started with a discussion about how much easier it is for an aspiring artist to find an audience than it was pre-internet. We spoke about how bands like Iron Maiden or Slayer got virtually no exposure on the radio, save for play on a midnight heavy metal radio hour or on MTV at one in the morning. Current stars like Justin Bieber & Rebecca Black have taken advantage of the social media platform and became huge sensations.

Rule 34 – If there is a fetish, there is a porn site dedicated to it

The guys share some jokes, tweet us with your favorite jokes!

Why has college tuition increased over the years? Bloated staff & increased costs to attract students by the college are a few of the reasons

Ozzy Osbourne listed his house for $26 million… MattyV would love to buy their English estate

JohnnyO is a good friend of the podcast as well as an accomplished author. His current book, “Sugar Takes Her Coat Off” is available for purchase!

The dangers of CraigslistHere’s an article on how to protect yourself as much as you can while dealing with Craigslist.

Although the article is a few years old, the information should hold up for new iPhone purchases…

Hopefully you don’t live in the same neighborhood as a big lottery winner…

Although JohnnyO has 2 jobs, one is definitely not a scene like in “CB4″(nsfw)

It may be legend, or maybe not. Better safe & not sorry, pass on kissing the Blarney Stone…

Freaking crazy, here’s a rundown on a full Irish breakfast

Check out “The IT Crowd” for some laughs & also “Travel Man – Helsinki

Someone posted a poor copy of “Yellowbeard” on YouTube to check out…

Are spin-offs better than prequels? SoA is getting the prequel treatment, and so is “The Big Bang Theory“…

Check out Henry Rollins’ story on the first time he dropped acid

MattyV has been listening to a lot of “blue” comedians from the 1960’s including Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson, & Slappy White. Often only peppered with cuss words, these comedians knew how to tell hilarious dirty jokes without having to swear. These days it seems like comedians use cuss words to be funny instead of actual jokes…

Wall-Ecould become a reality according to Stephen Hawking…


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Until next week Junkies


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