Flamin’ Hot

Flamin’ Hot


Matty took his son to see a special advanced screening of “Sing”, the new Dreamworks movie that is set to release on 12/21/2016. Dan the man had a similar opportunity back in 1995 and ended up being able to see “Heat” with Robert DeNiro for free.

Yes, drinking excessive energy drinks will give you hepatitis and destroy your liver

Dan the Man & MattyV are trying to make conscious efforts to lose weight & this week instead of going out somewhere, they picked up some Burger King kids’ meals. For the record, the boys ate 1/2 the burger & half the fries, saving the cookie for later…

Mayans MC” has been ordered by FX as a spinoff series to their hit, “Sons of Anarchy”…

Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugar Hill Gang was the first hip-hop single to be released in September 1979, “Christmas Rappin’” by Kurtis Blow was the second hip-hop single to be released in December 1979 and went on open the door to hip-hop in the mainstream…

I’m sure it happens at a lot of churches, but they’re more “strongly suggested” rather than actually put down on paper

How would you like it if the government all of a sudden declared our current currency as being valueless? People in India are in outrage over this very thing, especially those who are poor.

Hatchimals & the NES Classic are the “must have” toys for Christmas this year…

Fans of Hunter S. Thompson are going to get a thrill, his wife is helping to commercially-develop the 6 strains of marijuana that Hunter enjoyed. Instead of just slapping his name & visage on just any old cannabis, he will be immortalized on the strains he had personal connection with…

This is why you both don’t do crack & leave valuable collections unattended. A 53 year old man put his father’s $8,000 coin collection through a Coinstar machine to get money from crack cocaine.

There is something wrong with the ability to purchase a do-it-yourself automatic rifle kit that comes with no serial numbers or manufacturer stamps

Maybe back in the day that would have been a good scam, but today with security cameras all over it would be a might more difficult to pull off…

Now, I’m sure the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos will burn your mouth & bunghole. But trying to use them as an accelerant in an arson fire, that’s a stretch…


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