Rogue One – Spoilers Ahead

Rogue One – Spoilers Ahead


Well, Matty wanted this to be a spoiler-free review of “Rogue One”. But he couldn’t contain himself after seeing it. So, if you haven’t seen the movie – DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST EPISODE!


Taking his young son to see the film reminded Matty of his own venture to see “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Nerdist broke down all of the Easter eggs & references to other movies in the SW universe, did they miss any?

Nerdist also took a look at the re-shoots with “Rogue One”, which show some different character arcs than what the original shoots wanted to portray.

DIY PropShop has a tutorial on how to make your own light saber. I like how the instructor explains a few times that every light saber is different based on the wielder, so you can make it your own.

The folks at Tested got their hands on an Anovos replica “Rogue One” Death Trooper helmet. This is a screen-accurate piece molded from original molds and approved by the franchise.

IGN revealed that one of the coolest things about “Rogue One” was that they incorporated unused footage from “A New Hope” in the characters of Red Leader & Gold Leader. Finding some unused footage of the original Death Star assault, both actors got time in the spotlight once more.

Not totally sure that this is kosher, but “Rogue One” hit $290 million world-wide in their opening weekend – which technically occurred on a Thursday. We question it because the original trilogy’s opening weekend figures are based on one less day at the box office. Dan the Man & MattyV remember when movies opened on a Friday and a television show’s season was 22 episodes with no mid-season breaks (except for holidays, then re-runs!). Yea, get off our lawn!


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