Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza


This week is the 2nd half of their road trip from a couple of weeks ago. The boys sat down at a Marco’s Pizza & shared stories of pizza, Netflix spoilage, & some politics.

Someone posted a poor copy of “Goon”, check Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for a better version.

Matty was wrong, the politically correct term for “Hermaphrodite” is “Intersexual“. Malta is the first country to outlaw non-consensual medical interventions in children.

Jim Breuer was interviewed by the Secret Service while working at a Sears on Long Island. True story

The boys recommend checking out “Outsiders“, “Last Man on Earth“, & “Ray Donovan“.’

MattyV thinks we’ve hit maximum saturation for zombie films & television shows. Might be time to find another horror genre (other than vampires or exorcisms) to exploit…

“American Gods” is coming to Amazon Prime Video! In some overseas markets… Those in US will have to watch it on Starz...

Congrats to the Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots! The boys were hoping that the Falcons were going to pull it out…

Dan the Man is f’d in the head. BBQ is where its at! Check out some recipes for both baked & deep fried wings.

“Sunday Cinema” had been screwed up for this week. Instead of “Better Off Dead”, MattyV posted the “Double Dare” episode. It is true, however, that John Cusak hates “Better Off Dead” and “One Crazy Summer”.

Yes, both boys sent away for things in the mail. MattyV bought some cheap “Space Phones” that were advertised on a Bazooka Joe comic & Dan won a contest off the back of a cereal box…

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Until next week Junkies




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