The movie is apparently “loosely” based on the Marvel  alternative story line, “Old Man Logan“. We say “loosely” because the comic story line takes place almost 6 millennia in  the future where the super villains have overthrown the superheroes.

We all know (at least the fans do) that Logan was a part of a secret military project to create “living weapons”. The Weapon X project created not only Wolverine, but also Leech, Deadpool, & Sabretooth as well. There was another character that emerged from the project, X-23. No spoilers since the movie trailer showed her, X-23 is in effect the 23rd attempt at creating another Wolverine.

Nerdist’s Kyle Hill did a “Because Science” episode explaining why X-23’s claws are deadlier than Wolverine’s.

Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot reveals why Wolverine never wore the iconic yellow & black costume from the comics in any of the movies.

One of MattyV’s favorite YouTube channels sold out with a movie tie-in for “Logan”…

Hugh Jackman has stated in interview after interview that this movie will be his last portraying Wolverine. We will see, Ryan Reynolds can be very persuasive




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