Sunday Cinema – “Jungle Rats”



The month of March is known for several things, from St. Patrick’s Day to March Madness. For Sunday Cinema, we decided to honor an old joke (“What’s the military’s favorite day? March 4th…”) and the madness aspect of the NCAA basketball tournaments. So the films will either have a war theme or have “mad” in their title!

Back in the day it seemed when a genre becomes popular on the big screen, studios try to quickly shoot & distribute “knock-offs” for the home video market. The same thing is done today, but distributed through movie streaming services. “Jungle Rats” came in at a time when Vietnam War-themed movies were big hits at the box office. Part “Missing in Action”, part “Rambo”, the military puts together a crack team of tunnel soldiers to rescue American captives from the Viet Cong. Filled with a bunch of b-movie actors, the best part of the film was actually the poster or box cover. Filled with images that looked an awful lot like “Rambo: First Blood part II”, companies had to sell the movie by box art.

Someone was kind enough to post this gem online.


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