A Little Landscaping

A Little Landscaping


Out of all the ’80s sirens, MattyV picked Molly Ringwald over all the others. Strawberry blondes make him melt… Dan the Man chose Elizabeth Shue, the beach scene in “The Karate Kid” does it for him…

When a five-year-old draws a picture of his mother with tufts of hair coming out of her pants, it may be time to consider a little “landscaping” . Reminded MattyV of the scene in the first “Scary Movie“…

“The Matrix” is contemplating a reboot with a black actor (Michael B. Jordan from “Creed” is being considered) playing Neo. There are several fan theories about the movies and “The Matrix” itself…

Trucks“apparently follows the short story by Stephen King a little more closely than “Maximum Overdrive“, which is odd since Stephen directed “Maximum”…

This is the Guns n’ Roses video that Dan the Man was referencing…

This I guess this still is an acceptable senior gift, a shot glass (seriously)…

“The marathon.” “The what?” “The marathon.” “What?”

Weird Al’s moderately-priced “rarities” album has previously unreleased tracks, including “Pac Man”…

$10,000 is apparently now the highest-price paid for a hamburger (for charity).


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