The Experiment

The Experiment

This week the boys headed to GR to see “The Belko Experiment“, which is apparently on a limited-release engagement. Over all it was a good movie, we recommend waiting until the DVD/instant streaming release.


MattyV & Dan the Man start out the podcast with what could be construed as offensive to many. We want to reiterate that we do no condone nor think that date rape (or any other kind of rape) is funny by any stretch. We were simply commenting on the absurdity of the statements, “9 out of 10” or “4 out of 5”, when it comes to someone trying to qualify their own conclusions regarding whatever topic may follow and using the offensive topic as proof of such absurdity.


“The Belko Experiment” has been touted as “Office Space” meets “Battle Royale“, which is a Japanese horror film that has been the inspiration of “The Hunger Games“. We agreed that the setting (a corporate office) could be likened to “Office Space”, but there were no real jokes that even come close to it. “Battle Royale” is a bit closer, employees are pitted against one another to survive.

If you like movies such as “Battle Royale”, “The Purge“, or “The Strangers“, you may like this movie.

The article is a little old, but here are some things that you should & shouldn’t purchase on your next trip to Costco

At least they got his order right… Dumbass….

Why is it that people like this are made famous (or infamous) while the ones who should get the accolade end up on the back page or some ticker fodder on the news?

When your five-year-old draws a picture of his mother with tufts of hair coming out of her pants, it may be time to consider a little “landscaping”

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Until next week Junkies

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