Sunday Cinema – “A*P*E”


Since this is “Ape”ril, we thought it would be fun to share some of the lesser-known movies featuring primates… Enjoy!


“A*P*E” was essentially a hastily-made South Korean film meant to ride on the coattails of Dino De Laurentiis’ remake of “King Kong”. The tagline surely clues you in – “Not to be confused with King Kong”. This practice is still done today with smaller studios cranking out lesser films similar in plot to mainstream theater fodder, but for the “instant streaming” & bargain-bin DVD markets instead of competing head-on in the theaters.

The main primate of the film is being transported from Harlem (?) to Disneyland by boat and escapes. The man in the obvious monkey suit marvels at hang gliders, fighting an obviously already-dead shark, & even flipping the bird. It was released in 3D, one of the best effects involve a snake being thrown directly at the camera. Look for the director in a minor role as “Dino” – an obvious dig at “King Kong”‘s director.


Someone was kind enough to post this massive farce online for all to marvel at…


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