Have a Healthy Day

Have a Healthy Day


MattyV went to McDonald’s to grab lunch and noticed the register keypad operated like the one in “Idiocracy“, only with food & beverage photos. As Dan mentions, the company is moving towards the self-ordering kiosk to basically eliminate cashiers. What better way to beta-test the system a kiosk will run on than to use their own employees…

What was once supposed to be a parody, is now becoming a documentary and a prediction of the future

If you have a still-operating old movie house near you, give them some love. MattyV visited The Regent Theater and had a blast. Date night cost less than $25 for tickets/pop/popcorn/candy. And they show first-run movies…

It would be nice to have more live streaming events at movie theaters, concerts that are either sold out or too far away. Fathom Events does some events like this, if they could do more concerts it would be incredible.

The infamous Tyson v Mcneely fight that lasted less than 2 minutes, at a cost of $49.99 for pay-per-view…

Joe Mixon is basically black-listed from the NFL draft due to one faulted mistake. Much like Ray Rice, who never played in the NFL again. Yet Michael Vick & Greg Hardy get a second chance.

Life in Pieces” is a hilarious comedy on CBS with Colin Hanks, Dianne Wiest, & James Brolin. Dan the Man recommends “The Good Guys“, another series with Colin Hanks.

A mystery was solved recently in the world of “Pulp Fiction”. Someone posited that Butch was the vandal that scratched Vincent Vega’s car in the movie once he exited the bar.


“Adam Ruins Everything” was originally a continuing bit on CollegeHumor.com that eventually got a “cleaned up” revamp on TruTV.


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