Bad Pizza’s Still Good

Bad Pizza’s Still Good


MattyV mentioned a College Humor video about a girlfriend (played by “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star Ellie Kemper) and her ideas about giving a BJ.

MattyV is a Chicago-style pizza fan (but will eat anything put in front of him), Dan the Man is more of a cracker-thin crust kind of guy. What type of pizza are you into? Let us know on our social media pages!

MattyV is in need of a new series to start watching. Dan the Man suggests “Game of Thrones“, are there any series out there that you enjoy? Let us know!

Sad note, Don Rickles had passed away at the age of 90. Dan the Man watched many YouTube clips of “Mr. Warmth”. MattyV watched the “Dirty Work” clip…

Dan the Man likes some of the changes to baseball rules

The only place MattyV MIGHT wait more than 30min for a table is a local Mexican restaurant. Dan the Man MIGHT wait at a Kalamazoo joint for breakfast.

Jim Varney will be missed…

“The Walking Dead”‘s season finale was kind of a letdown compared to other seasons…

The Michigan State Police have been cracking down on drivers who fail to abide by the “Keep Right Except to Pass” signage on the highways.

Dan the Man still recommends Marvel Unlimited despite the “holes” in certain comic series…

Dan the Man would, but MattyV wouldn’t stay in bed for 2 months (since he did that a few years ago)…

“Squirrel Girl” isn’t getting the big screen treatment, but rather an ensemble cartoon – “The New Warriors“…

Sug Knight says that he was the target the night Tupac “died”. Chappelle’s Show had a funny skit about Tupac’s music.

Dan the Man waxes poetic a little about cryptozoology

People are pissed that manatees (or sea cows) have been taken off the endangered species list. Some other dumbasses killed a rhino for its horn – while in a zoo!

Yes, the “grandma catches monkey poo” happened not more than 45min from where MattyV & Dan the Man live.

Dan the Man’s love for George Carlin runs deep. Here is a clip of Richard Pryor before he really took off.

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Until next week Junkies


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