Sunday Cinema – “Lancelot Link”




Since this is “Ape”ril, we thought it would be fun to share some of the lesser-known movies featuring primates… Enjoy!

Yes, the 1970’s were an interesting time indeed. Not only were there blatant rip-off monkey movies running rampant on the silver screen, there was also a television show about a secret agent whom also happened to be a chimp. By day, Lancelot Link is a member of the rock group “Evolution Revolution” and by night he is a secret agent for APE (Agency to Prevent Evil). Yes, this was a real show that lasted a whole 17 episodes.

Lancelot and his cohorts are called to rescue a scientist & APE agent who was searching to find CHUMP’s (Criminal Headquarters for the Underworld’s Master Plan) horde of stolen gold. CHUMP has photos of all of APE’s agents, can Lancelot & Mata Hairi save the day?

Someone posted this episode online, don’t do drugs…


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