And That Ship Has Sailed…

And That Ship Has Sailed…


Amazon’s new venture is brick-and-mortar stores where your cellphone registers as you enter and you pick up your groceries and walk right back out. The store charges your Amazon account as you leave…

Unbelievable that the “Cash Me Outside” girl gets money for appearances & now has a reality show in the works…


A Vice reporter wore some JNCO jeans that he coveted as a teen (huge-legged jeans from the 1990’s, think bell-bottoms only the entire pant leg is huge as well). It didn’t go well…

Some Sci-Fi fan created an entry on an auto parts website for the Flux Capacitor. Of course it’s not available for sale….

“A Woman’s Guide to Woodworking” is meant to be a farce, but is it?

Right up there with the “oddly satisfying” videos on YouTube, the Hydraulic Press Channel is one of MattyV’s favorites to watch. Here’s a promo they did for “Logan“…

Rest easy, the $700 popcorn ball has been returned unharmed & uneaten…

Don’t pull on Superman’s cape, don’t spit into the wind, don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you certainly don’t smash a man’s Star Wars collection

Coolest thing ever – a 1960’s era fallout shelter that is completely untouched and apparently still functional

“Dude, where’s my stash?” “Um, Goodwill?

Why, oh why can’t this country remove their blinders and look at cannabis as an alternative…

Ever play “Spin the Bottle”? How about “Hide the Steak Sauce Bottle in the Library“?

Thanks to the storms in California over the past few months, it is now 83% drought-free as compared to 6% last year…

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