Love Me Some ORB

Love Me Some ORB


MattyV was a part of the MST3K Revival League that brought the show back. The current season is available for streaming on Netflix. You’re welcome!

Adam Sandler has had several made-for-streaming movies and has extended his movie deal with Netflix for 4 more movies

MattyV still maintains that this was a promotional gimmick.

Not only did Jennette McCurdy have some racy photos, apparently Victoria Justice does as well. Search for your own photos, pervert!

Does it matter? Really? If you love his music, who gives a shit?

Dan the Man gets teary-eyed listening to this Air Supply song…

Ticket prices are getting out of control. Here’s an article that surmises that it’s the artists themselves who are demanding higher prices since they derive the bulk of their income from touring.

“Fake news” & “click-baiting” articles are exploding nowadays since the majority of people get their news from the internet and social media. This college is using the phenomenon into a teachable moment…

Pepsi yanked their latest commercial due to social media backlash. This isn’t the first time that this had happened to them, they yanked the Madonna commercial over her music video controversy

Hate to use the phrase, “Affirmative Action” when reading this article – but the question should be asked. It’s great that her education & accomplishments were recognized by these schools, don’t get me wrong. BUT if this person was a white male, would it be newsworthy? Or a white female for that matter? Just playing devil’s advocate…

It was sad to see Joanie Laurer so far gone in “1 Night in China“, you could tell that she was on drugs and not a truly willing participant. Now Paris Hilton, on the other hand, knew what she was doing

X-Factor” would be a great series to see on the big screen. Unfortunately since Fox owns the “X-Men” franchise & the name “mutant”, it most-likely won’t come to fruition. Lobo desperately needs to make it to the big screen or streaming on the small screen…


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