Hacky Hack

Hacky Hack


The boys check out the Tulip City Comic Con (or Comics & Toy Fare, depending on where you look). MattyV picked up some “The Nam”, “Dazzler”, “What If”, & a Scott Rosema original.

Tour of Duty” was a short-lived military drama that took place during the Vietnam Was (or Conflict or Police Action, however you term it) and focused on a unit filled with FNGs, short-timers, & grizzled grunts.

The hack of Netflix, Fox, & others via Slashfilm. As we continue in the digital age, I imagine this type of theft will continue…

In the movie, “Knocked Up”, Seth Rogen’s character and his cohorts are trying to develop a website that turns out to be exactly like Mr Skin (NSFW)

The local tulip festival where the boys live is going on and it even has its own Urban Dictionary entry!

Alien:Covenant” is on its way to theaters soon, hopefully overshadowing the poorly-received “Alien:Prometheus” film. Reebok is getting back into the game with a pair of “Alien”-inspired shoes later on this Summer (and yes, they will have women’s sizes this time…).

“Logan” is being re-released in theaters as a black & white “film noir”, but is only coming to select theaters. Most of the country is screwed…

Wonderland” is based on the true story of pornstar John Holmes and his part in a pretty gruesome execution/robbery. Someone posted footage of the crime scene, NSFW…

Someone posted a sh*tty copy of “Hot Girls Wanted” (NSFW), if you have Netflix – watch it there. “Rated X” is the movie with Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez…


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