Sunday Cinema – “Message from Space”




When “Star Wars” hit theaters in 1977 (and again in 1978), the popularity was off the charts at the time. Many studios around the world scrambled to get a piece of the action by creating their own “space operas” that oftentimes blatantly stole from the “Star Wars” franchise. All this month we will look at some of them, keeping in mind that they are meant to rip off “Star Wars” and do so poorly…

“Message from Space” came out in 1978, and is a strange but wonderful rip off. Since George Lucas admitted that Japanese films like “Seven Samurai” influenced the story of “Star Wars”, isn’t it fitting that Japan releases its own rip off? Similar storyline, a peaceful planet is blown to smithereens by an evil empire & it takes a ragtag group who wield a magic-like power to defeat it. And there’s a character named “Han”…

Someone posted it online, enjoy if you can…

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