Sunday Cinema – “Dark Ride”




This month’s “Sunday Cinema” theme is Amusement Parks! Summer is always equated with throngs of hot & sweaty families waiting in long lines for rides while stuffing their gobs with turkey legs & overpriced hot dogs.

A boardwalk amusement park in New Jersey. One creepy-ass horror ride. One deranged killer that lives in said-creepy-ass horror ride. 6 dumb shits passing through town & come across the abandoned ride. Gee, I wonder what happens next? The film was shown at a couple of horror conventions back in 2006 until it was finally released to DVD in 2007. A couple of notable stars, Jamie-Lyn Sigler (towards of the end of her stint on “The Sporanos”) & Patrick Renna (Most remembered as “The Great Hambino” from “The Sandlot” & Carla Gugino’s little brother in “The Son-In-Law”). I can see why it went straight-to-DVD…

Regardless, someone bravely posted it on YouTube


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