Who Pays Who?

Who Pays Who?


This week the boys took some time to talk about some personal stuff as well as give opinions on different trends & random stuff.

Some recommendations for YouTubers to check out via the boys:

  • LGR – Lazy Game Reviews – reviews of old/odd tech, unboxings, old CD-Rom games, thrift store visits.
  • Rob Scallon – does covers of metal songs using non-metal instruments like banjos & ukuleles.
  • Hydraulic Press Channel – this is the original from Finland, MattyV loves their accents!
  • Puddles Pity Party – a mute 7-foot clown that sings his heart out, mash-ups of songs, Puddles ended up on America’s Got Talent this season & blew the judges away.

Next week, the boys will see “Wonder Woman” and will give their opinions (however much their worth)…

Dan the Man is against re-telling the origin stories of our beloved comic heroes with every new incarnation. We know the origin, get to the story! “The Punisher” in Dan’s eyes would be a “throwback” to the comic’s timeline of the 1970’s.

Oftentimes remakes of foreign films are better than the original. We present “Let Me In” with Chloe Grace Moretz versus the Swedish film, “Let The Right One In” as well as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” from the US versus the version from Sweden as proof.

MattyV is on a quest for finding those obscure movies from his childhood/teen years on DVD. So far he has acquired “Meatballs II” & “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex (but were afraid to ask)“. Barebones DVDs, with only a trailer along with the movie (well, both discs has both the standard & widescreen versions). The “Meatballs” franchise has had some floundering sequels, the only film not available on DVD is “Meatballs III: Summer Job” which starred a VERY young Patrick Dempsey in his Hollywood debut.

T&A Movies were all the rage before the internet opened up the world of free pornography. “Hardbodies“, “Fraternity Vacation“, “HUNK“, & “Summer Job” were there to give teen boys access to tits & ass that were more 3-dimensional than the 2-dimensional pics from their dad’s Playboy or Penthouse mags…

Gwendy’s Button Box” is a collab between Stephen King & Richard Chizmar, something he is beginning to do – give unfinished stories to up-and-coming authors to complete. This we believe is the first novel from those collaboration. Dan the Man recommends “Hellraiser:Bloodline” as one to see…


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Until next week Junkies


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