The N-Word

The N-Word


Is there a word that is as offensive as the N-word in regards to the African-American population or the C-word in regards to to the female population? I kinda think that Dan the Man was channeling Randall Graves.

J recommends checking out Ice Cube’s new single, “Good Cop, Bad Cop“.

The boys checked out the movie, “Wonder Woman“, and each had their own opinions. It wasn’t in J’s wheelhouse, MattyV thought it was good (but not “gotta see it again in the theater” good), while Dan the Man felt it has redeemed the DCEU.

William Moulton-Marston, co-creator of the polygraph, wanted to create a super hero that fought enemies with truth & love. His wife encouraged him to make the character a female and Wonder Woman was born.

Wonder Woman’s Godkiller sword is sharp enough to cut through anything due to the blade’s edge being able to separate atoms.

Dan thought that this scene from the original 1979 “Superman” movie was lame because of the rewinding of time, why didn’t he do this all the time? MattyV recommends checking out Tell’em Steve-Dave’s audiobook “A Small Fistful of Dollahs“, a funny story indeed.

Much like DC’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths“, Marvel’s “Secret Empire” series reveals the meaning behind Steve Roger’s statement – “Hail, Hydra“…

“Scripted Reality” has been a staple of television for the last almost 20 years. From “American Pickers” to “Hardcore Pawn“, even TLC’s “Born this Way” is scripted in one way/shape/form.

Funny how even television game shows are often scripted in their jokes and patter. The Match Game with Brett Somers & Charles Nelson Reilly have always been classics…

Justice League” is going to be mind blowing…


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