Sunday Cinema – “Closed for the Season”




This month’s “Sunday Cinema” theme is Amusement Parks! Summer is always equated with throngs of hot & sweaty families waiting in long lines for rides while stuffing their gobs with turkey legs & overpriced hot dogs.


These days just about anyone can produce their own television program or movie that has the opportunity to be seen by millions of people around the world. The digital age has put the equipment within reach of those that may not have had the opportunity to make their voice heard even 10 years ago. This week’s film is certainly a low-budget affair with some interesting twists. From CGI roller coasters to VERY wooden acting, “Closed for the Season” is a mish-mash of classic B-movie style horror and poor execution. Only one notable actor, Joe Unger, who has been in many television & movie roles as a supporting actor (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Total Recall”, “The Bodyguard” to name a few).

Kristy enters a closed amusement park to retrieve something she had left behind the day before. Trapped within the park, she is trapped by the “living memories” of the park and has to find a way to escape. Filmed at the long-defunct Chippewa Lake Amusement Park in Ohio, many of the stories found in the movie are loosely-based on incidents that apparently happened in real life at the park.

The someone has posted this film for free on YouTube…


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