Offensive Trademarks

Offensive Trademarks


If you’re thinking about starting a podcast for yourself, check out TwistedWave’s audio editor which is available for Mac/iOS or online if you don’t have either. The app is $10 on iTunes, MattyV would have gladly paid for the app (but being the cheapass he is, it was advertised as free a few months ago).

Poll – Do you tip at fast casual/drive-thru restaurants? If someone just hands you your food & does nothing else, do you feel obligated to tip?

Check out this Huffington Post article on fast food – ad versus reality to see how pictured food differs greatly from what you get in reality…

This is the scene MattyV was referencing in regards to the “jigsaw pizza” incident…

The Best of Times” is a pretty good film (although rather dated) about a guy wanting to re-live the moment where his live took a turn for the worst.

Bob Seger & Taylor Swift have returned to Spotify, Bob is one of the last artist holdouts for online music streaming. Taylor had left due to her belief in physical album & digital album sales (along with her stake in Tidal), but had returned to a pretty big bump in her catalog (some of her albums returned to the Billboard Top 200 once she returned to Spotify).

Check out Steel Panther (aka Metal Skool), a pretty good hair metal band reminiscent of the era. A lot of the songs are NSFW, so be warned!

Too many DJs today are still trying to be Howard Stern back when Howard Stern was Howard Stern (NSFW)

Psychostick. Gotta check out Psychostick

The Slants won their Supreme Court case allowing them to trademark their name. With this win, the Washington Redskins will be able to retain their trademark and not have to rename the team…

Here’s the article that Dan the Man referenced in talking about how we got from Obama being held as the epitome of man to Donald Trump…

Hannibal Buress shares his appreciation for campaigning for president…

The bust that was the Georgia special election

W loved the old D&D cartoon show (MattyV bought the entire series from the local used DVD/CD shop for like $3.99)…


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