Spidey Sense

Spidey Sense

This week the boys checked out “Spiderman:Homecoming” at the theater, so if you don’t want things spoiled – DON’T LISTEN until after you’ve seen it!

Nerdist has been a great resource for the movie, sharing possible MCU spoilers, looking at the science of Spiderman’s wall-crawling, & whether or not there will be a Spiderman/Venom cross-over movie.

Hearken back 2 years when we mentioned the cheesy Turkish rip-off of Spiderman (“3 Dev Adam” in our Sunday Cinema ‘Turkish Star Wars” blog entry.

Us Gen-Xers remember the 1977-1978 CBS television series, “The Amazing Spiderman“, starring Nicholas Hammond as the webbed wonder. Or maybe the old Electric Company skits on PBS.

Jennifer Connolly (who voices “Karen”, Peter’s suit AI) shows some titties along with Virginia Madsen in “The Hot Spot“.

John Francis Daley co-wrote the script, you might remember him as Sam from “Freaks & Geeks“.

Aladdin’s Castle was THE place to be in any mall. NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat, & Street Fighter ruled the day…

SNES Classic is going to contain Star Fox 2, an unreleased SNES title. Hopefully they will have enough in production to meet demand…

Sega is releasing their catalog of games on both Android & iOS, free-to-play with ads or you can pay to have the ads removed…

One of the more recent actors to wear the Spidey suit, Andrew Garfield, is in a bit of trouble when he said upon researching his role as a gay man that he was essentially gay without the physical act.

MattyV has been late to the party, he JUST nicely finished “Rick and Morty“…

Technically, there are a total of 8 Infinity Gems. The original six are a part of the MCU…


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